The Barkhamsted School's Health office functions as part of a coordinated school health system designed to improve health and academic achievement of all our students. The Health Office actively helps to improve students' health and their capacity to learn through the support of families, school staff, and community working together.  A coordinated approach to school health aligns health and education efforts and leads to improved physical, mental and developmental outcomes for students. Research has shown that student health is one of the most significant influences on learning and achievement.




General School Health Information

What is required to start at Barkhamsted School?
State of Connecticut Health Assessment form completed by parent and physician.  This is required upon entry into Kindergarten and any transfer students that enroll from out of district or out of State.  A current physical within the calendar year is acceptable.  State of Connecticut Immunizations required for school admission. 

What is the medication policy?
Medication form with physician and parent signatures.  This is for both over the counter and prescriptions medications.  Medications must be in original containers, if prescription must have current pharmacy label with directions.  Only 30 doses of a controlled medication maybe kept at school.  Parents must drop off medications with the exception of inhalers when approved for the student to self carry.

What are the sick day guidelines?  When should I keep my child home?
Fever of 100.0 degrees or higher - may not return to school unless fever free for 24 hours without medication.  Vomiting/diarrhea - may not return to school unless neither has occurred in 24 hours.  Requires Physician Evaluation; Red, watery eye with yellow discharge.  Undiagnosed rash.  ​Sore throat lasting more than 3 days without other cold symptoms, maybe accompanied by fever, headache, stomachache, and or fatigue.

What are communicable diseases?
Conditions such as Step Throat, Conjunctivitis, or Scarlet fever that are being treated with an antibiotic may not return to school unless 24 hours of the medication has been taken.  Students diagnosed with chicken pox, shingles, impetigo or any other diagnosed skin condition that is communicable may not return until the rash is dry.

What if my child has an orthopedic injury?
Any student who comes to school with an ace bandage, splint, arm sling or on crutches must be accompanied by parent to the health room.  A physician's note is needed to be excused from Physical Education class and for accommodations to be made.