Dear Parent,

During these uncertain times, it is important for your children to feel safe and protected at home. Please know that we are here to support our school community as we manage our feelings about COVID-19 and the changes it brings to our everyday lives. We hope to share some ideas for constructive ways in which our students can manage the mix of emotions they are experiencing about the sudden changes to their daily routines, social connections, and learning. The Barkhamsted School uses the RULER approach and tools for social emotional learning, please visit our RULER SUPPORTS page for more information. Know that we are available to provide individualized support and can be contacted by email:

Maura Viens, School Social Worker -

Paula Dest, School Psychologist -

If you are need of immediate assistance for a mental health concern, or a worried about your safety or the safety of a loved one, please call 9-1-1 or 2-1-1. 


Parent Resources for How to Talk to Your Child About COVID-19

Ana Gomez, child psychotherapist and author, offers a free copy of her children's book, "The Corona Virus and Me". 


Book Recommendations and Read Alouds

Check out Julia Cook's Bookends Series on Facebook. Julia is the author of dozens of fabulous social skills stories for grades 3-5. Every Monday and Friday you can find her on Facebook doing a read-aloud of one of her books. She also provides an activity to go along! 

Interactives for Children Coping with Big Emotions

Mind Yeti Mindfulness Program (YouTube Channel) offers fun mindfulness activities 

Sampling of Read-Alouds that can be found on Youtube 


The Imagine Neighborhood Podcast is a place to find amazing stories that will take you on adventures while helping you connect with your feelings



Sesame Street, Breathe, Think, Do App


We Do Listen website features video books and activities that help kids feel good about themselves